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 Boys interested in becoming Scouts are always welcome to visit a Troop 651 meeting.  We meet every Thursday from 7pm – 8:30pm. Check the calendar for location and times.

Venturing Crew 651 is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 - 20. 
Our Crew meets once a month to finalize plans for our activites.  Visit the Crew website for more info.

Election Results!

Posted on Oct 2 2015 - 10:36am

Congratulations to the following Scouts for stepping up to lead and provide service to their Troop!

Senior Patrol Leader: Harry

PopCorn Update

Posted on Oct 2 2015 - 10:09am

Hello Scouts!
You are doing great and have reached 1/3 of our Troop popcorn
sales goal so far!  Everyone, please keep selling popcorn
as much as possible for the next 3 weeks so you can reach your Scout
goal of $600 or more

Parents, please support your scouts in going

Troop Elections!

Posted on Sep 25 2015 - 9:16pm

This Thursday the Troop will elect a new Senior Patrol Leader. The current SPL has served two terms and is not eligible to run again. It's time for someone new to step up and lead the troop! Patrols will also elect new Patrol Leaders. All other troop positions will be appointed by the new SPL and new Patrol Leaders will pick their assistants.

Popcorn Sellers Information

Posted on Sep 19 2015 - 4:13pm

Hello Troop 651 Scouts and Parents!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Popcorn Kick-off meeting this week!  
We have planned for a VERY successful popcorn season.
We need everyone's help!  
You can contact me or see me at the Troop meeting to get your order form and
the green sales goal/resources handout (attached).

Tip #6: The Difference Between Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 9:37am

This goes way beyond blue vs. khaki. The difference between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts encompasses critical categories like unit structure, leadership, parental involvement, advancement and camping. Both programs are built on Scouting’s time-tested values. And beginning in May 2015, both programs will use the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Adult Outing Sign-Up Status

Posted on Sep 6 2015 - 9:51am

<Updated Sept. 5 - Please note Date Changes in September & October>

Hello Parents!

Thank you to those who attended our annual outing and popcorn kick-off. Below is an update on where we stand for adult support on our upcoming activities. We still need more help in order to be able to deliver the scouting program to our boys. The theme for our fall program is canoeing!

Please look this over and get back to me if you are able to sign-up or see an error. The number in parentheses is the minimum number of adults we need.

Thank you in advance for your support!

September 27th – Canoe Training & Merit Badge
Leader: Mr. Gaeta
Canoe Trailer Towers (3): Mr. Benson, Mr. Trussell, Mr. Cervantes
Trained Adults (4): Mrs. Getz, Mr. Gaeta, Mr. Lamberson, Mr. Sacco, Mr. Benson, Mr. Freitas

**Need to confirm towers are canoeing too.

October 9th - 11th Salty Rat at Mission Bay (Camping at Balboa)
Leader: Mr. Gaeta
Canoe Trailer Towing(3): Mr. Gaeta,
Troop Trailer Towing(1): Mr. Benson, Mr. Gaeta,
Trained Adults(4): Mr. Gaeta, Mr. Lamberson, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Getz, Mr. Benson, Mr. Freitas
Adult Grubmaster(1): (prefer someone not canoeing)

November 13th – 16th Colorado River Canoe Trip
Leader: Mr. Gaeta
Canoe Trailer Towers/shuttle(2):
Troop Trailer/or possible flatbed tower(1):
Canoeing Adults(4): Mr. Gaeta, Mr. Lamberson, Mrs. Getz, Mr. Sacco

December 4th – 6th – Rocket Outing
Adults(4): Mr. Ramirez, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Davis,

That gets us through the end of the year.

Thank you very much to those of you who have already stepped up to help; and I look forward to filling in the remaining spots so we can continue to offer an outstanding program to our scouts!



Boy Scout Troop 651 San Marcos, CA.

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