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 Boys interested in becoming Scouts are always welcome to visit a Troop 651 meeting.  We meet every Thursday from 7pm – 8:30pm. Check the calendar for location and times.

Venturing Crew 651 is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 - 20. 
Our Crew meets once a month to finalize plans for our activites.  Visit the Crew website for more info.

Adult Outing Sign-Up Status

Posted on Aug 28 2015 - 7:31pm

Hello Parents!

Thank you to those who attended our annual outing and popcorn kick-off. Below is an update on where we stand for adult support on our upcoming activities. We still need more help in order to be able to deliver the scouting program to our boys. The theme for our fall program is canoeing!

Please look this over and get back to me if you are able to sign-up or see an error. The number in parentheses is the minimum number of adults we need.

Thank you in advance for your support!

September 20th – Canoe Training & Merit Badge
Leader: Mr. Gaeta
Canoe Trailer Towers (3): Mr. Getz, Mr. Benson, Mr. Trussell, Mr. Cervantes
Trained Adults (4): Mrs. Getz, Mr. Gaeta, Mr. Lamberson,

**Need to confirm towers are canoeing too.

October 16th – 18th Salty Rat at Mission Bay (Camping at Balboa)
Leader: Mr. Gaeta
Canoe Trailer Towing(3): Mr. Gaeta,
Troop Trailer Towing(1):
Trained Adults(4): Mr. Gaeta, Mr. Lamberson, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Getz
Adult Grubmaster(1): (prefer someone not canoeing)

November 13th – 16th Colorado River Canoe Trip
Leader: Mr. Gaeta
Canoe Trailer Towers/shuttle(2):
Troop Trailer/or possible flatbed tower(1):
Canoeing Adults(4): Mr. Gaeta, Mr. Lamberson, Mrs. Getz,

December 4th – 6th – Rocket Outing
Adults(4): Mr. Ramirez, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Davis,

That gets us through the end of the year.

Thank you very much to those of you who have already stepped up to help; and I look forward to filling in the remaining spots so we can continue to offer an outstanding program to our scouts!



Tip #5: How to Sign-Up for Outings Each Month

Posted on Aug 28 2015 - 5:36pm

Every month our troop goes on a camping trip.  These outings are the heart of the program and where the real scouting happens.

  • At the 1st Meeting of the month is sign-ups for that months outing. All Scouts wishing to go on the outing need to attend this meeting and sign-up. If you can not attend the meeting the Scout needs to contact his Patrol Leader and let them know they want to sign-up for the outing BEFORE the meeting. A final count is needed by the end of this meeting.
  • Meeting the week before the outing is a Patrol Meeting for outing grubmaster & menu. This is where the patrol plans their menu and picks a grubmaster to do the shopping and cooking. All Scouts should bring $12 to pay their grubmaster for their food.
  • Meeting the Thursday before the outing is mandatory for all scouts who are going on the outing. This is the final check of gear, drivers, grub monies paid, permission slips, and anything else.  We announce final meeting times for carpools at the end of the meeting after we've confirmed all drivers and their availability.

It is very important that Scouts come prepared and know if they are signing up for that months outing at the 1st meeting of the month. Parents should discuss and make this decision with their scouts before they arrive.

Annual Parent Meeting - Camping & Popcorn!

Posted on Aug 23 2015 - 5:50pm

August 27th: 7:00 - 8:30 PM       **During our normal troop meeting.
At least one parent per family should attend this important kick-off meeting.

No Troop Meeting on Thursday 9th

Posted on Jul 5 2015 - 9:04pm

A large percentage of the troop is at Emerald Bay for summer camp so there is no Troop meeting this week. Next Thursday (16th) is Board of Review Night, so be sure to contact Mrs. Gaeta if you need to schedule one. See you again on the 16th!

Emerald Bay Summer Camp Info & Meeting

Posted on Jun 27 2015 - 7:54am

Thursday (July 2) is our last troop meeting before departing for Emerald Bay. We will have a mandatory meeting of all scouts and parents of scouts going to the summer camp at this meeting. If you cannot be there, please contact me (contact info in the e-mail sent) to get the information I will be conveying.

You must bring you current medical forms and signed permission slips (sent via e-mail) to this meeting. If you do not turn in these forms, you will not be allowed to go. Also, if you have not completely paid for summer camp you must do so at this meeting.

Note that you also need to get your blue cards for your merit badges from Mr. Gaeta if you have not already done so.

We will be reviewing equipment and the program, so it is very important that you attend this meeting.

The boat to camp leaves each Sunday as soon as troops are checked in and loaded up. The terminal is located at:
Catalina Express Terminal
Berth 95
San Pedro, CA

You should plan to arrive at the terminal at 10:00 AM to ensure proper check-in.Participants will return to the same location no later than 3:30 PM the following Saturday. We will be discussing travel arrangements to and from the terminal during the July 2nd meeting.

Randy Smith
Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 651

2015 - 2016 Annual Plan!

Posted on Jun 16 2015 - 4:53pm

The Patrol Leaders Council met this past week to develop the calendar for the coming year.

August (2015) - Beach Camp in Orange CountyAugust - Beach Clean-Up Service

Boy Scout Troop 651 San Marcos, CA.

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